BlogSearchPro is an newly launched(currently in Beta!) Blog search and Outreach platform exclusively built for Digital Marketing agencies and professionals. It also provides bloggers and influencers with an opportunity to build and manage their digital asset portfolio and exhibiting the same in front of thousands of Digital Agencies and Professionals.
What’s in it for Publishers 
We strongly feel that Content Creators can be profiled and exhibited much better to the Digital Marketing Industry and we are building the solution to address this problem with BlogSearchPro. Our belief is that when your Digital assets and Social influence gets noticed, you get valued and BlogSearchPro is your window to the world of opportunities from Online Advertising and Digital Marketing Industry.
With a scale of over 5 Million Blogs and Publications at our launch, we’re all set to become the most exhaustive Blog Search & Analysis Engine, powered by all necessary resources for Marketing Industry professionals to segment/filter the data and outreach/collaborate with publishers for their marketing campaigns. This is something no publisher should miss out on.

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A Must-Have for Digital Marketing Pros
Till date, Marketing Industry professionals have to rely on multiple tools and resources(multiple heavy subscriptions!) for site research and In-depth analysis for executing their Digital marketing campaigns(SEO, Pay-per-click, Media buying, among others). Furthermore, time-currency is wasted beyond limits as the whole process requires extensive review on individual cases. Needless to say that the outreach process(the last leg!) takes its own sweet time and resources and still, the chances of failing to collaborate successfully remain significantly high.
In short, the whole process is somewhat obsolete and doesn’t save valuable time, money and resources for Agencies and Professionals.
As our parent company had already been developing various solutions for Digital Marketing Industry since years, we saw this ‘gap’ as an opportunity and brought our solution to life by building BlogSearchPro. This platform aims to offer
– 5M+ Strong Filtered Blog Index
– Verified Blogs and Publishers
– Unified Site metrics (SEMRush, Trust Flow, Domain Authority…You name it!)
– Exclusive data such as verified Google Analytics Traffic Data
– Tech powering targeted data search, complemented by Segmentation and filtering options
– In-built outreach and networking
– Unbeatable Support team; Personal manager
We’re currently in limited beta and therefore, agency access is yet to open up! Register your interest here and we will be in touch as soon as we open the floodgates.